Ted Power
President and CEO

Mr. Power has a history as a successful businessman and community leader. He has founded of three public companies and in 2002 was awarded The Queen’s Jubilee Medal for public service. He was also a Regional Finalist for Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year in 2000. Mr. Power’s vision created TraceAbility® and MetalTrace®, both internationally acclaimed software solutions for tracking Quality Assurance documentation.

Mr. Power revolutionized the metals industry by creating the de facto standard for management of QA/QC documentation with MetalTrace® software. Many of the world’s largest companies involved in production, distribution and fabrication of industrial pipe, valves and fittings, structural steel and alloy metals in the construction of pipelines, oil sands plants and refineries, structural towers and rail cars, across the USA, Canada, Europe and the Middle East use MetalTrace®.

Hubert Lau
Executive Vice President

Mr. Lau is well known for his dynamic and creative solutions for organizations of all sizes. With over 20 years of experience in the IT industry, servicing and consulting for over 400 organizations including both privately held and publicly traded companies. Along with providing technology solutions, he now leads workshops and taskforces to enhance a company’s overall productivity through technology adoption.

As President and CEO of Ekota Central Ltd., Mr. Lau has worked with industry sectors such as financial, law enforcement, oil and gas, real estate, manufacturing and construction. Under his leadership, Ekota has established the collaborative framework to provide robust, cost efficient solutions by leveraging both local and international expertise.

Mr. Lau also served on, and continues to support, a number of different Board of Directors for publicly traded companies, charities and First Nations owned investment companies.